I wish I had a dollar every time someone said I didn't look autistic. I love asking them what an autistic person looks like.

When Victoria went to a GP at 17 hoping to get an autism assessment, she was told to fill out a questionnaire and recalls that the doctor didn’t think she needed a referral ‘because she had friends’. She also remembers being asked very ‘black and white’ questions like, ‘would you rather go to the library or a museum, or a party?’ and felt it was just a box ticking exercise.

I both can and cannot believe the standard of care is so poor across the board. You can feel the apathy radiating from that interaction.

know people who will practice making facial expressions, they’ll practice gestures, they’ll map out conversations, they’ll try to study the way people interact, and in some ways at times it can be quite helpful, the problem is that trying to do it constantly is absolutely exhausting.’ Some people have to lie down to recover for a few days, can’t do it constantly,’ says Dr Woodhouse.

I honest to got thought this was completely normal. I thought everyone spent every other waking moment practicing facial expressions, conversations, gestures, etc.

I thought everyone became emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted and spent after brief interactions with people. I beat myself up for years for being so "weak" and unable to deal with this bone-deep mental exhaustion.

Amy, who works as a diversity and inclusion coordinator for an advertising firm, says professionals have suggested she may have borderline personality disorder (BPD) instead, which isn’t uncommon for autistic women to hear.

This has happened to me so many times. Completely unethical clinicians giving me a BPD diagnosis after a brief 10 minute chat. You seriously cannot diagnose a personality disorder, especially such a stigmatized one, with so little information. This is reprehensible to me.

I like this article. I didn't like having to turn off ad-blocker and deal with a running video (scrolled past that one quickly) because sensory issues. The comments were mixed. I like that the UK seems to be more on top of things with respect to autism than other countries. That's down to Lorna Wing and Judith Gould, I think, especially Lorna Wing.

I'm glad I'm not alone! My friends have given me a hard time about this but sometimes I actually feel "under attack" from ads. The constant flashing, brightness, loudness, sharp movement, jarring sounds, and inability to escape them seriously trigger a "fight or flight" reaction in me. I get extremely distressed by ads sometimes.