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From the article:

"Even though 90% of people with POTS are females, males actually get diagnosed with POTS an average two years faster than females," says Lauren Stiles, who was diagnosed with POTS in her early 30s and is the co-founder and president of Dysautonomia International, a nonprofit patient advocacy and research group.

"Young women complaining about multiple symptoms are often told 'it's all in your head' before an autonomic nerve disorder like POTS would even be considered,' Stiles says."

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I had symptoms of orthostatic hypotension since I was a teenager. I'm 46 years old and was just diagnosed this year. A doctor told me when I was a teenager I would grow out of it but I never did. I complained about it to another doctor and was told there was no such thing as low blood pressure unless you were dead. I'm sorry for all the covid long haulers but I'm actually glad that these autonomic nervous system disorders are getting some attention because its hard to get diagnosed and there is very little treatment out there.