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It is so common. Everything that is wrong with women can be fixed by losing weight, and if a woman is losing weight, that means nothing is wrong with her. From women developing life threatening complications in pregnancy being disbelieved when they say their weight gain isn't from excessive eating to women with cancer and other conditions being told their pain would go away if the lose weight, women suffer because the medical community can't see past a body that is larger than they think it should be.

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My parents and doctors accused me of having an eating disorder for years. I begged to be seen by a specialist because I was in pain with vomiting and diarrhea. They assumed I was abusing laxatives or something. It took a near death intestinal obstruction to get me to the hospital and find out that I have Crohn's Disease. In that case, I tried to advocate for myself, but I was dependent on my parents to make it happen.

I'm glad that things are looking up for her. It's terrible because sometimes you can't make anyone help you until it's almost too late. Maybe I missed it, but was there anything in the article about suing for malpractice?