Hello! I just bought my first menstrual cup and I want to be prepared on how to use it when it's time. The instructions that came with it are a little confusing so I thought I'd ask here!

Hello! I just bought my first menstrual cup and I want to be prepared on how to use it when it's time. The instructions that came with it are a little confusing so I thought I'd ask here!


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Try checking out this post: https://ovarit.com/o/WomensHealthLounge/21180/menstrual-cup-newbie

ETA: I switched a few years ago and I only wish I had learned about these sooner. It does take a little getting used to, but I love it now :)

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I still find the hardest part to be folding it then getting it to unfold inside you. This video shows a couple ways you can fold it.

Once it's in, you have to make sure it's all folded out and "suctioned" inside of you. Feel around the edges then give it a gentle tug to make sure it isn't sliding. After that, you're all good. I was worried at first and also wore a pad with it but I didn't even have anything close to leakage after 12 hours.

It's been one of my best purchases of all time. I don't have to deal with sitting on a pad and I didn't realize how much tampons made my cramps worse. They went from consistent unbearable pain for two days a month and throwing up in the middle of the night to only having strong bearable pain for windows of time that passed by into moderate pain.

I don't know the logic behind tampons making things worse, but I definitely had a notable difference and had the same pain again when I misplaced my cup and had to use tampons.

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Re: tampons

I've never had much pain or cramping during my period except for when I used tampons. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but I just don't use them anymore. I hate them, lol.

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I didn't even think it could be a factor, and when googling it, I read that there's no correlation. I should have trusted my body more.

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Don't blame yourself. It's hard to know sometimes because the research just isn't there for women. My friend had an IUD and began to experience several negative symptoms. Her doctor insisted it wasn't the IUD, but after she had them take it out, all of her symptoms went away.

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I stopped putting my tampons as far in when I figured out they were causing cramps for me. The amount of cramps I had decreased a lot after that...

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I'm not sure if that was my issue or not, but I haven't used them in years and don't see myself going back to them.

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Wanted to add to this post (wasn't trying to just point you elsewhere and stifle any discussion).

For anyone wondering about menstrual cups, I have a pretty heavy flow and using this has saved me so much money (and embarrassment when the pads would leak).

I have to empty my cup more often than 12 hours (more like every six hours). But other than that, I don't think my experience has been any different than a woman with a lighter flow.

I would highly recommend making the switch for anyone on the fence!

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Are women really emptying theirs every 12 hours? I do it every 1-6 hours (heavy vs light) and lately as I've been reading more about it I feel like I must be very unusual. I've had it overfill and leak on a couple of occasions after 2h so even if it's not completely full I usually empty it out every 3-4h on light days because I worry!

To anyone reading this: Do you wait until it's completely full to empty it out? How full is it if you wait 12h to empty it? Doesn't it make you worry you'll get TSS if you leave it in a long time? Should I make a seperate thread?

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That's a good question. I should have said 6 hrs is the maximum time I wait. I usually empty it after maybe 3 to 4 hrs just in case. But it's usually not full at that point (though on my heaviest days, it might be).

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When I first started using one it was kind of tough. But my body got used to it and then it was easier. If it feels really difficult at first, just know it will get easier.