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Absolutely. Growing up, I had gallstones written off as period pains by doctors. And the day after giving birth, I had trouble breathing, which my OB told me was anxiety. It was pulmonary edema.

Women are literally dying because our symptoms are taken less seriously by medical workers (and the stats are even higher for WOC). We need better standards of care.

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My mom and I have both suffered horrific medical sexism. This is why I am the way I am with medical providers now.

If they listen to me, then we’re good. If they don’t, I drop them like a hot potato. I will gladly go through many healthcare providers to find the one who actually listens to me, examines me, and orders me necessary tests.

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I’m one! Had textbook - TEXTBOOK- appendicitis and my care at the ER was delayed for twelve hours while doctors tried to convince me it was just PMS and did pelvic exams on me.

Ever had a pelvic exam while you had an appendix about to rupture? It’s even less fun than the normal ones!

I also have cluster headaches (diagnosed by a doctor, not self diagnosed) When I put this down for some reason new doctors always say “migraines”. Not life threatening I know, but from what I’ve heard from actual migraine sufferers they are quite different.

But Drs assume women get migraines and cluster headaches are something males get….

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One in three? I don't know any women whom this hasn't happened to. It happened to my sister last week.

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If you ask a doctor a nurse or question or request tests and they dismiss this, you can ask them to add to your medical record that you asked this question and/or requested this test. You can say that it is so that you have a record. You can also bring a notebook or recorder with you into the room so that you can remember what was said.

This can have the effect of either making them run do a more thorough examination to rule out your other concerns, run tests, or otherwise take you seriously.

My aunt who had breast cancer went to the ER because she was having trouble breathing. After waiting to be seen, the nurse told her it was just a panic attack and sent her home. We had to take her to a different ER where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and she ended up on a respirator for a week.

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Went to the gp for shoulder pain and extreme and sudden onset of loss of strength in my arm. Was told I just had a muscle ache and was lazy

Three months later its discovered I ripped my rotator cuff and had to start taking anti inflammation pills. It took me over a year before I had the strength to lift my right arm above my head. To this day its still painful on my ALREADY fucked up shoulders.

I have too many stories like this honestly.

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This is a big issue with women and heart attacks. Their symptoms are dismissed as stress, indigestion, or hypochondria because their symptoms are different from male symptoms of heart attacks and their experiences are minimized.