Yes yes yes to this. Had endometriosis for years but no doctor believed me. I was only recently diagnosed. Women are treated like shit by doctors.

So glad you finally got through the fight for a diagnosis. 3 years from my diagnosis and I still feel as bolshy as that lil goat about all the years my pain was dismissed.

Lol good for you that you finally have confirmation.

How smug were you when they gave you the results? :D

Actually its been 3 years, anniversary of my surgery and diagnosis was this week... and 3 years later everyday I still feel as smug as that lil goat.

Need a meme for when you just give up and live with the pain after being dismissed over and over 😭

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Sending woo woo and good vibes for finding pain management that works for now and doctors who will listen. It took me over 2 decades of progressively worse symptoms before I got answers, don't give up ❤