Sounds odd, but has anyone noticed any mood changes when drinking specifically Diet Coke? I don’t drink alcohol so sometimes consume quite a lot in lieu and I swear it makes me anxious / irritable.

I thought this was known in the 70s and 80s.

Yes, it’s very old news, but diet websites defend its use because they can’t give up this chemical crap.

Same, I thought this was old news. I learned it in med school 20+ years ago.

Just going to emphasize that this is specifically about Splenda (sucralose) even though most diet drinks are still sweetened with aspartame.

They also link to/mention the study that showed increased weight gain over time in people who consume artificial sweeteners which always seemed obvious to me (most people who don’t struggle with weight gain just consume real sugar, lol).

This study is interesting but I’m not switching back to sugar considering how much more we know about the health problems from sugar intake, and how much we still don’t understand the context of this new information. Plus it seems like most sugar-free products use a pretty even spread of aspartame, sugar alcohols, stevia, or sucralose, and until they show that this same thing happens with more than just sucralose, I’m not going to worry too much about homemade sweets and my matcha lattes, lol.