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It's been known for a long time that pregnant women are at higher risk of negative Covid outcomes due to, among others, temporarily decreased lung capacity. And yet, in many countries it wasn't even possible to get vaccinated until recently. I don't know the situation in the UK, but here in Denmark they only allowed us to get vaccinated at the end of July. I booked my vaccine literally within 30 minutes of receiving a message from my hospital about the new guidelines, before even the official statement started appearing in the news.

For me this is just another example how pregnant women are somehow considered incapable of making an informed choice. I had read many publicly available research articles about the risks of the disease both for the mother and the fetus, and about what was known about pregnant women getting vaccinated until then. I was scared of going out, because I didn't have the means to protect myself and my daughter-to-be, especially after the restrictions were getting phased out and I was still not allowed to get the vaccine. There were pregnant women who were showing up at the vaccination centers in baggy clothes and lying that they weren't pregnant. I understand that people have doubts about the new and the not-completely-known. But I wish pregnant women stopped being treated like stupid children. We definitely still have ways to go.

The us didn’t formally recommend the vaccines until August, after we started making up a significant portion of hospitalizations. We were allowed to get it before, but it was a fight because doctors were telling patients not to get it because the cdc didn’t recommend it. And now we’re the largest group of at risk of serious infection individuals who are unvaccinated.

Pregnant women are definitely treated like stupid children.