Thank you

I don’t feel terribly uncomfortable now because I’ve aged and learned to ignore. But I definitely feel more relaxed in women’s gyms

Another thing I love about women only gyms

They have more sensible weight increments for women

For example dumbbells

5lb->7.5->10->12.5->15 etc.

I hate how ‘mixed’ gyms go 5 to 10 to 15. Thats going up by 100% and then by 50%. In weight.

The male equivalent would be 15lbs to 30 to 45. (Source: my super precise guys who go to the gym estimate)

The ‘mixed’ gyms also only have one hip adductor machine, which appeals to and helps women. There will be women lining up. Meanwhile, 10 of the 15 different pectoral machines will be unused at any time

I wish they would at least consult women at the mixed gyms