In the place I happened to be when I found out: Today is World Menopause Day. Congratulations to those of you who have made it.

Just last week a friend texted me a pic of a cupcake with a single candle in it and this 😭 emoji because it’s been 1 year since her last period, meaning she’s officially menopausal.

I see nothing sad about it and cannot wait.

Hooray for all the menopausal women here and in our lives. 👏

Fingers crossed you have an easy change! Mine was pretty straightforward, a few hot flushes now and then, and the irregular periods were more annoying than those (for me - of course the hot flushes were worse for the kitties because I would push them off the bed when I was having one. 🙀🙀)

Our work has a menopause talk scheduled this week and have set up a private forum for women to talk about the issues they face in the workplace.

Someone asked if they should invite "non-female and non-non-binary people" to the group. Everyone agreed that it should be female only, thank god.

Non-non-binary 😂 I just can't

Oh...I'm in peri and it's been rough...almost had a heart attack and needed a blood transfusion and several iron infusions.