Ok, so this is interesting. Except that I was shocked to read that the rate of Bacterial Vaginosis is 30% worldwide. I wish I wish I wish that we would start educating girls and women about the risks of vaginal infections with intercourse. It isn’t the only way women get infections but it’s a huge factor. Ditto UTIs. Why is nobody ever told? I know the answer to that question. Women doing what was best for themselves would decrease their sexual availability to men, especially worthless men.

When the scientist talked about vaginal biome transfers, she kept referring to these transfers as happening between “people with biomes”. Only women have vaginas, there’s no reason for a neutered word here.

And finally, I might be paranoid and reading too much Ovarit, but I wondered if this research was meant to ultimately benefit trans and their surgical wounds. The problem being that the article made it very clear that the biome in the intestine and the biome in the vagina are very different.

I know, there’s an ad constantly running in my area for some kind of probably bullshit “natural” treatment for UTIs where the woman says she invented it after having 8 UTIs in one year, and every time I mutter, sounds like she has terrible after-sex hygiene.

"So, to be a donor in the study, we're looking for vaginas, 18 to 40 years old".

So ladies, be sure to stop any vaginas you see on the street, if they look under 40, and let them know about this research.