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That's fascinating- especially because walking is my exercise (I do 8-11 miles every day). Often I am told this does not count as exercise, which makes absolutely no sense since humans evolved to walk long distances.

Funny how the goal posts moved from "women can't exercise" to "well walking doesn't count".

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I love my mikes of walking. It's great exercise. I use my walking to clear my mind and blow off steam.

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You absolutely are exercising and absolutely are rocking it!!

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Honestly, I do most of it in my home due to quarantine! I either walk back and forth watching TV/YouTube videos or I stand and side step when playing video games. The Leslie Sansone videos on YouTube are also great if people are struggling to exercise at home.

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It’s hard for me to exercise at home when there is such an inviting couch and/or bed right there...

Heaps of respect for those who can though