My mother also had to give up her first child in one of these forced adoption homes in America. I think it broke her forever. The damage that it caused her definitely affected her 'legitimate' children.

I do believe that the drive to outlaw abortion is going to come hand in hand with more stringent rules around childbirth and maternity designed to separate legitimate mothers from their children in order to provide more white/American babies for the adoption and fostering industry. I think they believe that it will be easier to separate mothers from their children with more mothers legally compelled to bring unplanned children to term.

They'll probably tie it into poverty remediation so when poor mothers go in to get food or medicine for kids or get prenatal care they'll serve it up with a bunch of forced adoption propaganda. That's also behind the drive to get rid of planned parenthood because PP gives out more low/no cost prenatal care and medical care for infants and children than it does abortions. Forcing planned parenthood out leaves huge gap to be filled with organizations that toe the forced adoption line.

Most of our politicians are older boomers who grew up with these forced adoption homes and women who needed to be married in order to bank or own property so they truly do not see anything wrong with bringing those systems back.

I think you're right - the adoption industry has something to gain by actively preventing women from accessing abortions. I wouldn't be surprised if with the Roe v. Wade overturning, adoption industries start upping their prices for purchasing babies adopting and prowling campuses and other areas where young single working class women are likely to be.

And yet people here on Ovarit, Women here on Ovarit rant against surrogacy and in the next breath say “why can’t people just adopt?”. When it’s pointed out that infant adoption is even MORE exploitative than surrogacy. For starters the 96% of women under 21 and 98% under 19 don’t get pregnant with the express purpose of fulfilling a contract. Infant adoption has been heavily propagandized for over 80 years and people don’t like to have their illusions about saving unwanted babies shattered. Unfortunately the industry isn’t dying either. Its had to market new forms of goods in the last thirty to forty years but it isn’t dying. In fact before the Roe leak there was government talk about the “domestic infant supply chain”. The lifelong grief, anguish and devastation to both mother and child is never ending. And feminism shuts mothers and adoptees out as beyond the pale because too many women still want the option of buying slaves. The ultimate irony because these are trafficked women who’ve felt the full force of misogyny and dehumanizing objectification for decades and would fight.

It has always given me such a horrible feeling to read these stories. My mother was sent to one of these places when she was a pregnant teenager. It always filled me with a horrible dread to imagine it, but now after giving birth myself I can so much more acutely imagine the pain. All around, I'm so glad the adoption industry is dying.

My birthmother definitely suffered from the relinquishment and lifelong secrecy. It says so much about how we view motherhood and female sexuality to amputate some women from their own babies while simultaneously celebrating the adoptive mother's urge for a child.

Added to my to read list! It's so recent historically, but I only learned about this by accident! It was never taught in my schools (graduated high school in the last decade). I was googling something else when I came across this article.