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The guitar was good for a woman, Junker and others argued, because orchestral instruments “threatened the concept of her ‘natural’ subservient role and compromised her decorum,” Stenstadvold writes. Female musicians could keep their bodies in graceful, feminine poses while playing. Musically, the critics thought, the guitar was also a perfect instrument for women because it was made for “simple, unpretentious music, most of all in a subordinate role as an accompanying instrument.”


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Wow! I'm always surprised by the sheer misogyny of the past. Like someone really sat down and said this nonsense!

One thing you can say about misogyny is that men have certainly been creative about their ways of controlling women.

"Oh no, an woman playing an oboe might not be subservient!"
"Oh no, women participating in sports! But their uteruses might fall out!"

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And I’m sure at the time some man scientist/naturalist had a theory of why women are biologically suited to playing guitar. Some man scientist today would no doubt tell us that men play the guitar because of the risk taking behavior necessary to secure mates in the Paleolithic. fMRI data shows how the male brain lights up when guitar music is played.

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/insert quote from 70s rocker about how "playing guitar is analogous to sex and guitar is my pp" see also: the "cock-rock" wiki.

18the century women, TiFs confirmed.

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I have been holding onto this link for years and pull it out to share every time someone mentions fMRI data: https://www.wired.com/2009/09/fmrisalmon/

It's a good debunking tool so I figured it didn't hurt to share here as well.

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This type of crap never ceases to disgust me.

Women playing guitar--it is because the guitar is easy to learn and women can be feminine doing it. Men playing the guitar--OF course it is a male instrument! It is hard to learn and you have to be really dedicated to play it!

Women doing film editing--this is fine, women are suited to menial secretarial work. Men doing film editing-they land in the above the line credits because it is seen as the artform that it is.