And I was, like: ‘You mean, you knew Mick Jagger?’ And she said: ‘Oh yes, and he was always so kind and respectful. He wanted to come into the club but I wouldn’t let him. He said: ‘Gina, please let me – I’ll wear a dress’, and I said: ‘Darling, I can’t – it’s women-only.’”

Of course he wanted to go in. He was just a bit ahead of his time. It’s too bad there aren’t more Gina Snrs nowadays.


Not to mention that bit about kindness and respect from a male star who's not being given what he wants... Practically reads like sci fi.

Glad to see this article. But, note: the Guardian published it in its LGBT section. Also note that the lesbian club this Guardian article is celebrating would not be possible today...a club in which women sexially attracted to other women partied openly and refused entrance to all males...even Mick Jagger in a dress was refused entry.

The L and the T in LBGT are in conflict.

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Yeah... i had the same thoughts in the same order smh (minus the section heading, which frankly I didn't notice). In my judgment it's still worth posting.