I've always thought that what these women did was so fascinating. They had to get the planes from factories to military bases and around for repairs etc, so they had to fly EVERYTHING--dozens of different types of planes--even if they had never flown them before.

If the ATA pilots didn’t have much experience on the plane they were assigned to on a particular day, they had a pared down manual strapped to a thigh they could consult.


had to learn to navigate using physical landmarks alone. The maps the Attagirls were given contained no written names, lest they became valuable intel in the hands of the enemy.

As an American, it sounds like it would be safe just ferrying planes around but after France fell, German planes were just minutes from England at any given time.

Gives you a bittersweet sense of the untapped potential always just waiting in women.

Amazing! I will be living very near there, if I ever hear about an even that includes her or is in her honour, I'll be sure to attend.