What a cool lady! I had no idea there was a real “Lane Bryant” or that she had invented maternity dresses.

A bank officer misspelled her name on the application as "Lane", so that became the name of the store.

Just something about this gets to me. Makes me wonder how quickly this would have been fixed if this happened to a man instead of a woman, y'know.

Very cool! One of the really interesting things in fashion history too is how historical women's clothing was designed or modified to accommodate things like pregnancy and nursing, from times when most women's wardrobes were just a handful of garments and pregnancy was a state many married women were resigned to experiencing periodically. A lot more styles were designed with this in mind as part of women's lives, rather than as a set of separate, specialized garments (although I do also have some antique sewing patterns in my collection for things like dedicated nursing blouses/dresses).