my great grandmother wore slacks. for 3 generations now, elder women in our family have said to the youngers, "our matriarch wore slacks. and she drove a car. and was one of the first women in Detroit to vote. we are a matriarchy of unruly women."

I look forward to the days when my great nieces ask, "auntie raea, did grandmother nagorski really wear pants when women weren't allowed?"

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I feel like her turning up in court to testify wearing a skirt after her case was appealed was a final “fuck you” to the judge.

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This reminds me a bit of Ellen Tilton Holmsen, who scandalized some people going about in Reno in shorts and bare feet in 1934 while waiting for a quickie divorce, except that she wore shoes and trousers to the courthouse and changed to a dress when so ordered by the judge. Oh well.