Here’s a link to a playlist of the songs from the record “Mountain Moving Day” by the Chicago Women’s Liberation Rock Band and the New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Band: The Chicago & New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Bands “Mountain Moving Day” 1972

Here is a remastered version of the songs of "Mountain Moving Day" (minus one or two of them) with some songs added that didn't make it onto the 1972 record, and also two or so songs by a different newer group, but that's not important: Papa, Don't Lay That Shit On Me

This link here New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Band | Roz Payne Sixties Archive has the liner notes to the album as well as a lot more information.

And here’s a link to the song lyrics: Song Lyrics - rock band articles - CWLU Herstory

And this is also a very fascinating read: One by One You're Gonna Know Our Power - CWLU Herstory

This is so great! Thank you for posting their music :)

Tell me if you have any favorite songs! So far, I think my favorite song is "Secretary" or “Mountain Moving Day.” Hard for me to pick between those two

I liked Secretary too, but the Abortion Song was the one that stood out to me the most. Perhaps in a bittersweet way, given the state of things in the US at the moment. Only a year later after these albums would Row v Wade happen, and now it's all gone!

The only thing I will say is that a lot of the songs have way more music time than singing time. I guess this was sort of a thing in the 70s, but I kept wondering when the singing would start 😅