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This is sad, but honestly after years of experience, I think we expect too much out of our male partners even today. They can't be your lover and your best friend and your coworker and your helpmate around the house. That's a lot to ask of anyone, but especially men. If you can have a reasonably friendly relationship with a male partner, where he does not cheat and you are both more or less sexually satisfied, and he does not hit you or terrorize you, and he does not abuse you financially or emotionally, and he does help out around the house some. That is the most you can ask for really.

I used to hope for some passionate love affair that would last a lifetime, but that just is not realistic. You can have much better friendships with women than you can with men, even better than with your own husband. I have started to put much more effort into those and to expect less out of my husband. We are both happier for it.

Yes I think today people expect way too much out of their romantic partnerships and genuine friendships especially for women gets degraded. It's almost a social expectation now for women to be catty towards their friends or lacking in loyalty.