Bloody typical. All comes down to Macy’s not paying a living wage, but that’s not what they wanted to hear.

Ads recruiting women for jobs used to emphasize things like lockers and cheap snacks but avoid mentioning the pay rates.

Middle-class women were always worried about the sex lives of single women living alone... here's another such campaign:


I just love the name "love-pirates". Sounds like an 80s pop group—Adam and the Ants style.

There are so many Hollywood films that have a young woman working in a shop or an office either being "corrupted" by a married man who won't or can't get a divorce, or prising him away from his wife. Sex sells, and the films allowed men to fantasise about free sex with a "girl" while the "girls" could fantasise about a rich husband. Or something. Don't know what the wives thought. Guess they just had to lump it, as usual.

And of course, it's all the single women's fault. If anything did happen, we can't possibly blame the men for taking advantage of their position to pressure a young woman into anything...

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