Whoever wrote this would be very disappointed in today’s so called Marxists. Some TRA handmaiden who describes herself as a Marxist-Leninist in her Twitter bio denies completely that sex is a class or an axis of oppression. Her class analysis is even more off because the lines between workers and the bourgeoisie have grown ever more blurred as time has gone on. You have miners who own their own homes and teachers who live in flatmate situations, for example.

I'm in tears. And hoping for the following generations to turn matriachal at one point again.

This is awesome. It's the perfect answer to the bullshit men are spouting to this day. If all the men were out hunting large game, then who does that leave to invent literally all aspects of the basis of civilization? Women. Women empowered men, brought them in from the cold, fed them, cared for them, and still do all of that to this day! How are we repaid? Literal enslavement for thousands of years...

If the women before us could invent farming, weaving, claywork, leather, medicine, and much much more, imagine what we could do together liberated from men? If society doesn't crumble under the rule of men I envision one hell of a female renesaince on the horizon. Honestly with all of the amazing things women are doing right now we're likely at the beginning of one. We're just still being actively suppressed.

That was written in 1954 and it could have been written today. Very disheartening because that means nothing has really changed.

I was inspired to share this because I have a niece who is studying history in college. I think we should compile a complete list of notable women in history including all the women who invented things and pin it to this page, or make a wiki.