Thanks for posting this!

I've seen her mentioned here before and made a note to do more research, but looks like the work has been done for me. She's a very inspiring figure and I'm lamenting the fact that our school systems exclude women like this.

I can tell you all about Robespierre or Thomas Cromwell, but I can't name more than a handful of American women who had an impact on our country's history (I know she's not American, my point was that in American schools we learn WAY more about European men than we do women from our own country).

We basically only learned about Betsy Ross (🙄) and Sacagawea. No wait—we spent roughly 10-15 mins learning about Harriet Tubman as well. Non-American women we learned about were Marie Antoinette (which was packed full of lies and propaganda to make her look ditzy and sociopathic) and Marie Curie (most of that unit the teacher emphasized her husband was also a scientist, they worked together on everything, and he should be getting equal credit for "her" discovery, complete with air quotes. Yes it was a male teacher).

It's utterly shameful and it leads directly to the idea that women haven't contributed anything to civilization (except for, you know—literally making people).

Thanks again!