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"First Openly Trans..."

Infuriating linguistic tricks trying to persuade people that "trans" is somehow a natural, long-historied, phenomenon and not something cooked up quite recently by the medical-industrial / transhumanist complex.

As if there has ever been a "secret" trans woman hired as an NFL cheerleader.

There is literally no camera angle where this person looks like a woman (an adult human female).

I'd be glad if the trans women took over all that sexist crap. Like women having to be the ones who cheer for the athletes who are men.

If actual women stopped doing it, it would just disappear. Men don't want to see other men in skirts.

He tries so hard to twist his body in that one picture to make it look like he has hips... dude looks like a dude!!

Meh. I don’t care about this so much. Male cheerleaders aren’t new. I don’t care if they cross dress.

But he’s not saying he’s a man; he’s pretending/claiming to be a female. It’s not just cross-dressing.