With rape all but decriminalized in the UK I imagine that number will grow. Societal standards do have a large effect on behaviour.

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If they want to know the true number of sex offenders, they ought to do an anonymous survey.

There's an, admittedly small, study they did at an US university, I think, where a whopping 30 percent of men admitted to being rapists when asked "Would you force a woman to have sex she doesn't want if you knew you could get away with it?" (Only 10 percent admitted it when the word "rape" was used.)

There is no knowing how many just lied because they didn't trust the anonymity of the survey, but ... yeah.

If you asked British men if they think children would benefit from being allowed to have consensual sex with adult men, or some such sneaky question, I'm sure you would get quite interesting results for the number of child rapists, too.

...and water is wet. I feel like the show, To Catch a Predator, proved this over a decade ago.

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And they're all men and then in Canada, they can enter any women's space they like, anytime, anywhere. And their crimes will all be recorded as being committed by women and they will head off to the women's prison until they are released and it starts again.

well duh its easier to get blood out of a stone then to get the police to do anything about violent men. oh i'd be careful about anyone advocating for more controls online, such rules hit people like RadFems and others getting kicked off social media far more then it affects criminals they will always have their dark spaces.