Yup. There's so much shit on top of this though. I'm a dev. I had to actively fight for resources my male colleagues were just handed. The team I'm on doesn't have a product manager, a tech lead, or even a mid level or senior level dev. They just shoved 3 female junior devs on a team by ourselves on a project no one cares about. And that's just one of many many examples of blatant sexism I've been dealing with at work.

Needless to say, im looking for a new job. It's taking longer than I'd like, though.

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In my case, I am working on one project where none of the staff (all male) have replied to any of my email requests for anything. It’s absolutely comical

I tend to think it falls apart just because we are invisible to men.

I worked for a tech company where two of the men would take three-hour lunch breaks to watch tv episodes in a conference room. Later, when one of those men was made my immediate supervisor, he complained to HR about me taking 20 minutes on bathroom breaks. I got into tech because my university told me there was an increasing demand for it, and that the field needed more women. It’s brought me nothing but pain.

Yup. This is the tip of the iceberg. People outside of tech really don't understand how bad it is. And so many people assume that women can sue and there will be justice in the end. But we get as much justice as rape victims: none. The entire system is set up to protect male supremacy.

Suing is so difficult. Unless you have a bad incident on tape, its nearly impossible to prove mistreatment. Plus, women in tech have to worry that future employers will see them as litigious.

Why doesn't she just tell her male co-workers that she has a Man Soul and he/him pronouns? Problem solved! /s

when I started my job I sat quietly at the computer and did it, I got moaned at for being too quiet, so then I started being chatty to everyone and larking around like the employee they specifically said I should be more like, then they moaned I was too loud and distracting the others in the office. then they moaned about my hair and moaned about 2 other womens clothes, this was in an office that was like 95% men, no uniforms or anything there was short haired men, long haired men, most in tshirts and some absolutely stank like they hadn't washed in months and had bad dandruff and no one said anything to them.

I made my own company instead of dealing with this. So far, so good :) Clients are of course, only men, but they have been civilised and professional so far, and I have only had positive feedback on my work. I'm sure it helps that I am a faceless contractor to them.

I will have to have in-person meetings at some point, I'm sure. I am not looking forward to it. As an attractive woman, I'm sure it will count negatively for my job. I stay faceless as much as possible.