“Inherent in the tolerance of soldiers buying sex is the belief it prevents rape, as if prostitutes are a buffer zone, dehumanised to protect virtuous women. But research shows men who buy sex are more likely to rape: trading money for consent reduces empathy, makes a man believe only his pleasure counts and increases his likelihood of partner abuse.”

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I came to quote that and say that the men aren’t just “more likely” to commit rape, when they buy sex they are already committing rape.

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Pretty much.

It would be a very horrible thing even if sacrificing prostituted women to the monster that is males would prevent the males from raping non-prostituted women (would anyone, at all, ever, consent to just sending Russia a hundred Ukrainians to murder if they'd agree to stop waging war then?), but it isn't even doing that.

The male desire to rape is not like hunger, it is like a drug habit. The more opportunity to rape they get, the more they want.

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Yes, with sex crimes they always escalate, whether it’s watching porn, fetishistic transvestism, child abuse, rape, you name it.

Nothing quite like the squalid facts of how men really behave when they think they can get away with it to highlight just how gross they can be. Do the environments breed this kind of man, or do these men create their preferred environments? Either way, women lose.