I remember when I used to post to reddit as a female about my relationship problems and thought I’d get advice that recognized I’m a human being with value.

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YH from witnessing the boys in my class who obsess over anime and hentai I want nothing to do with it and the people who love watching it. Idk why but male anime fanatics are always pervy , creepy, misogynistic and completely socially inept.

Does YH just mean "Yeah"? 😅 srry if the rest of planet earth already knows this

YH lol it’s does mean yeah sorry sometimes I forget others didn’t grow up texting lol

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Think a ton of anime is almost pure male gaze when it comes to depicting women and girls, down to the characters being made very childish-looking (completely hairless aside from head hair, tiny facial features with huge eyes, etc), and for all of the pornographic content, it also often extends to a very cutesy, childish fanservicey/wish fulfillment/simplified version of relationships and friendships as well. So horny men with a childish understanding of normal human relationships can find almost unlimited escapism material (while nurturing resentment that real women are almost nothing like anime girls), meanwhile if you want actual complex characters with realistic, messily human, believable dynamics, you'd have to look a lot harder or look elsewhere. So incels (and their more harmless but still very unwell cousins, dudes with waifus) end up pulling towards it like a magnet.

The comments are almost unanimously telling her to move on

Thank fuck. Was fully expecting the standard issue CoMmUnIcAtE advice that Preddit loves.

It makes me so sad that girls/women see shit like this and don't immediately run.

And the fact that he broke up with her!