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I oppose renting women's bodies at their expense for the benefit of wealthier people.

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Brittney Rose Torres, a Californian surrogate, was instructed to abort one of her triplets after the embryo split. Torres refused and even offered to adopt the third unwanted baby, but the biological parents wouldn’t have it.

This is absolutely sickening, and the Andrea Dworkin quote in the article is on point. This is a reduction of women to objects, and the parents involved seem to have no conception of the gravity of what they're undertaking.

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Surrogacy is abhorrent and further dwindles women down to what their bodies can offer. Where is the boundary? There is porn, prostitution, literal slavery and trafficking, girls being sold into marriage as chattel, etc. Nobody is entitled to a baby and the woman assumes all the risk. Her personhood is reduced to surrogate...a vessel instead of a mother.

It's appropriate they mention the Ukraine...the "romance tour" capital of world because they now don't know what to do with those babies in a pandemic.