Plaintiff John Kelley, an orthodontist who lives in Tarrant County, Texas, "has no desire to purchase health insurance that includes contraceptive coverage because his wife is past her child-bearing years," according to the complaint. "He does not want or need health insurance that covers Truvada or PrEP drugs because neither he nor any of his family members is engaged in behavior that transmits HIV," the complaint continues. "Mr. Kelley is also a Christian," and is unwilling to purchase health insurance plans that subsidize certain types of contraception or PrEP drugs "that encourage homosexual behavior and intravenous drug use."

The plaintiffs are represented by attorney Jonathan Mitchell, who is known as a key strategist behind the Texas abortion law passed in 2021 that bans abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy. America First Legal Foundation, launched by former Trump administration official Stephen Miller, is also providing counsel.

"The plaintiffs seem perhaps extra motivated by the contraceptive requirement and coverage of services like PrEP," says Katie Keith, director of the Health Policy and the Law Initiative at the O'Neill Institute at Georgetown University. But she says the lawsuit is broad in its reach: "This is very clearly a threat to the entire preventive services requirement under the Affordable Care Act."

I don’t think he gets how insurance works.

Also insurance is not mandatory. He could always choose to pay for treatment on an ‘as needed’ basis if he’s so concerned about subsidising types of behaviour.

This is a dick move.

You should also cry about women getting treatment for their PCOS, people getting treated for autoimmune disease, people getting treated for a broken leg because he's never broken away... He sounds like an ass.