Serious question for the christians or ex christians that i always wondered: aborted fetuses get an automatic ticket to heaven right? So hypothetically if a woman got as many abortions as possible and then before she dies accepts Jesus, she would go to heaven but also the 100s of fetuses too. Some of these souls would grow up and reject Christ and go to hell, so she's saving them by sinning, shouldn't she be a christian hero?!

I don’t think this is great logic, but since people don’t logic themselves into religious beliefs anyways, you have my upvote lmao.

Is it bad logic? How so? This is essentially a similar argument to "if people who never heard of Christianity but lived a good life go to heaven, is it technically unethical to tell them about Christ?" That just brings them more risk to burn in hell forever.

Christianity and logic don’t mix at all, sorry 🤷‍♀️