It's crazy the types of comments she's getting, but she did open that door by asking if she was the one doing something wrong. Men in Reddit seem to jump at the opportunity to get a free pass to talk shit about women without repercussions.

This might be an unpopular take on this post, but, one thing I haven't seen here or the comments in the post is that, stereotypically, men, regardless of porn addiction, tend to get bored of having sex with the same person. They swear they have a sexual drive higher than the moon, but the reality is, they want to have as much sex as possible with as many women as possible, not sex with the same woman. Ask yourselves why gay men, especially if they're young, tend to go through so many sexual partners in the blink of an eye... they're men and they're on the same page that it's about quantity, not quality, because the fun for them is on the variety of conquests. It's not until men's sexual drive starts waning that they decide quality (and not just sexual, but in other aspects of a relationship) is suddenly important and, in the case of the woman posting this, as was suggested in multiple comments, the woman will be accused that "she's just a sex addict," and that something's wrong with her if "she wants sex more than any of her male partners."

Another thing, it's my understanding that women in their 30s and 40s are at the height of their sexual energy, while men peak in their late 20s. If she's dating her age group, well.... 🤷‍♀️ It's either that or she is having real shit luck with not finding someone who is sexually compatible with her.