I had a phase like this with my girlfriend. I have an above average libido and I jerk off at least once a day, but for a time we only had sex once a week. I just wanted to spend some quality time with her besides sex and I didn't see sex as love.

Yeah, sure, him jerking it to porn surely had nothing to do with why he didn't want sex...

The phrase “I didn’t see sex as love” gives me major ick. If sex isn’t love, (which to me insinuates it’s passive/emotionless or at worst degrading) why are you doing it with your partner? Sex isn’t a conquest, and sex without love sounds boring as fuck. I mean, in my experience, sex is a pure physical embodiment of our love, but it’s not the only way to express love. I don’t know. I’ve been told I’m a demisexual before lmao. Maybe I’m just naive.