It's probably because of porn that the men aren't able to keep up with her.

Considering that most men self-report thinking about sex an insane number of times a day, you'd think they'd be able to actually do it once a day.

Incompatible sex drives are a thing, sure, but ... like, ALL men were less horny than she? And considering that most men who aren't crazy religious probably watch porn ... yeah, it seems like the most logical explanation.

I've only had one man that could keep up with me ever. And I've been with a lot of men. He didn't masturbate or watch porn and we only saw each other once a week. He could go four to five times in a row and again in the morning. I loved him.

Even the religious ones do, they just deny it. 👀

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lol, you should see the stats of porn watching across the world. and you'll see that the most sexually repressed (or religious) countries watch the most fucked up shit.