They probably just don’t likeThat they don’t get to be the stereotypical man who wants it all the time. They probably feel “emasculated“ & worry they suck and she’ll move on

It's crazy the types of comments she's getting, but she did open that door by asking if she was the one doing something wrong. Men in Reddit seem to jump at the opportunity to get a free pass to talk shit about women without repercussions.

This might be an unpopular take on this post, but, one thing I haven't seen here or the comments in the post is that, stereotypically, men, regardless of porn addiction, tend to get bored of having sex with the same person. They swear they have a sexual drive higher than the moon, but the reality is, they want to have as much sex as possible with as many women as possible, not sex with the same woman. Ask yourselves why gay men, especially if they're young, tend to go through so many sexual partners in the blink of an eye... they're men and they're on the same page that it's about quantity, not quality, because the fun for them is on the variety of conquests. It's not until men's sexual drive starts waning that they decide quality (and not just sexual, but in other aspects of a relationship) is suddenly important and, in the case of the woman posting this, as was suggested in multiple comments, the woman will be accused that "she's just a sex addict," and that something's wrong with her if "she wants sex more than any of her male partners."

Another thing, it's my understanding that women in their 30s and 40s are at the height of their sexual energy, while men peak in their late 20s. If she's dating her age group, well.... 🤷‍♀️ It's either that or she is having real shit luck with not finding someone who is sexually compatible with her.

Ugh at the comment suggesting men might go off her because she's not keeping herself attractive enough (don't worry ladies she's tall and slim and not too girly but they knew she was NLOG)

The dudes she's with have GOT to be porn addicts or something. I also have a high sex drive and had an even higher one when I was younger. The dudes that I knew watched porn a lot couldn't ever keep up with me. Now I'm with a guy who doesn't watch porn and I've never ever had that problem with him.

I hope she manages to find better men.

It's pretty funny how men are often disappointed by how women are very nonsexual, but when they meet that nymph of their dreams they're so porn-addled they can't get it up for round two and end up disappointing her instead.

Or, they're horrified that she likes sex and condemn her for it.

Yeah they want horny virgins, not horny women who have "ridden the cock carousel" 🙄

As is typical, all the comments on the thread blame the woman and don't even think it might be the men's porn use that is causing a problem. From personal experience, I know it's the porn use. Men should absolutely feel ashamed for their inability to please their partners. I really wish more women would refuse to be with a man who watches porn and is more assertive in her pleasure.

It's so weird to read the comments that posit this as quality time OR sex. Why is it a choice? It's not like the typical couple is spending hours every day having sex. You can easily spend 1 hour on decent sex and still have the whole day/night to do other stuff. It suggests that a lot of these guys have Madonna/Whore complexes and lose sexual interest in their partners because in their minds, sex is porn and strangers, not a loving partner they enjoy spending time with.

She's attracted to the wrong kinds of men for her. They're probably all commitment phobes. Commitment phobes just love the fun early stages, the thrill of the chase and the exciting spontaneous sex, but they lose interest as time goes by. Usually at the point in the relationship when real intimacy and commitment starts making demands on them. So they start backing off sexually. Or do some other kind of relationship sabotage to make the other party break up with them. (They're lazy and cowardly.) If sudden bed death is happening over and over to her in her relationships, she needs to examine that. Maybe even get a bit of professional help to recognize and break the pattern. And to figure out the basis for her attraction to commitment phobes and address that too. She's caught in a bad loop. That's not going to stop until she changes her consciousness.

The people we're quickly and deeply attracted to right away to aren't always the best long term relationship candidates for us. Attraction operates on a subconscious level, with messy (and sometimes self harming) criteria that was determined by early childhood experiences. If you knew abuse, you will seek abuse. If you knew neglect, you'll seek neglect. The unconscious picks up on subtle clues that signal familiar territory. And we walk right into the same old traps. It's not until much later we consciously look around and say "How can I be here again?!"

Sometimes we repeatedly seek and find that special person who will disappoint or hurt us in the way we unconsciously think that we deserve. Or we repeatedly get involved with the same types of emotionally impaired people who will never be able to handle intimacy or commit, because we really don't want that ourselves. Even though we insist that we do. All kinds of strange and contrary things occur. And we wonder why we can't find a good relationship!

She needs to revise her dating strategy, LOL. Maybe she should simply try getting involved with someone that she's lukewarm about in the beginning. Or stop and get her head shrunk.

It's probably because of porn that the men aren't able to keep up with her.

Considering that most men self-report thinking about sex an insane number of times a day, you'd think they'd be able to actually do it once a day.

Incompatible sex drives are a thing, sure, but ... like, ALL men were less horny than she? And considering that most men who aren't crazy religious probably watch porn ... yeah, it seems like the most logical explanation.

I've only had one man that could keep up with me ever. And I've been with a lot of men. He didn't masturbate or watch porn and we only saw each other once a week. He could go four to five times in a row and again in the morning. I loved him.

Even the religious ones do, they just deny it. 👀

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lol, you should see the stats of porn watching across the world. and you'll see that the most sexually repressed (or religious) countries watch the most fucked up shit.

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I recently went through a breakup, and though mine was a different issue, I could have written 80% of this post. I've been in a lot of relationships, and the men always start out wonderful and attentive, then they stop making any effort. I've done all the vetting, all the making them wait three months before sex, but it always happens. I despair honestly.

Men aren't worth it. Sex with them is disappointing 99% of the time and they're a useless weight. Single childfree women are the happiest demographic for a reason.

I had a phase like this with my girlfriend. I have an above average libido and I jerk off at least once a day, but for a time we only had sex once a week. I just wanted to spend some quality time with her besides sex and I didn't see sex as love.

Yeah, sure, him jerking it to porn surely had nothing to do with why he didn't want sex...

The phrase “I didn’t see sex as love” gives me major ick. If sex isn’t love, (which to me insinuates it’s passive/emotionless or at worst degrading) why are you doing it with your partner? Sex isn’t a conquest, and sex without love sounds boring as fuck. I mean, in my experience, sex is a pure physical embodiment of our love, but it’s not the only way to express love. I don’t know. I’ve been told I’m a demisexual before lmao. Maybe I’m just naive.

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