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No referencing hateful subreddits and/or their rhetoric. (Includes, but is not limited to: red/blue/black/purplepill, FDS, MGTOW, etc.) Any infractions of this rule will result in a ban. This is not an all-inclusive list

So women having boundaries and supporting each other in maintaining boundaries and independence from a male partner is now considered as hateful as actual incel/misogynistic subs?? Preddit is a freaking joke 😒😒😒

They get so irrationally butthurt over women sticking up for each-other or themselves. I see it irl a lot too.

They had such violent hate for FDS and it just shows how rotten to the core Preddit is. Can't even have a "WGTOW" board because female space that thrive that aren't porn is a no-no...FML

There actually is a wgtow subreddit. It's just small so the scrotes haven't noticed it yet. If it gets bigger, though, obviously it'll be called a hate subreddit or probably just get banned.

Women exist in men eyes to be an extension for their own desires. Whenever we try to breakaway and do anything that doesn't pleasure their selfish minds they just try to invade it on whinge like babies.

Preddit makes me SICK. She has a higher sex drive and all the people in the comments say it must be her fault that these men who promise her the same sex drive dwindle. Theyre "teaching" her to stop being so sexual...

If it was a guy complaining they would tell him that its the women's fault too.

Its always the women's fault.

If it was a guy complaining they would tell him that its the women's fault too.

Men created a whole subreddit about it: r/deadbedrooms

It really is always our fault. If she had been the low libido partner, they’d be pressuring her to get a full medical/psychiatric work up and into providing “maintenance sex” for the poor man. 🤮

Oh God the comments are disgusting. I wanna yell at her to get out of that misogynistic hellhole

It's probably because of porn that the men aren't able to keep up with her.

Considering that most men self-report thinking about sex an insane number of times a day, you'd think they'd be able to actually do it once a day.

Incompatible sex drives are a thing, sure, but ... like, ALL men were less horny than she? And considering that most men who aren't crazy religious probably watch porn ... yeah, it seems like the most logical explanation.

Even the religious ones do, they just deny it. 👀

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lol, you should see the stats of porn watching across the world. and you'll see that the most sexually repressed (or religious) countries watch the most fucked up shit.

I've only had one man that could keep up with me ever. And I've been with a lot of men. He didn't masturbate or watch porn and we only saw each other once a week. He could go four to five times in a row and again in the morning. I loved him.

My friend has this issue. She's much more sexual than the majority of her boyfriends, and has churned through quite a few dates to find that most of the men aren't capable of keeping up with her. The one guy she found who met what she wanted in bed was unfortunately a mess and a misogynist, so she bailed on him quickly. She's with a wonderful guy now, though I think she still has the same issue with him not being as sexual as her, but she's willing to compromise because he's checking all the other boxes and is a good person.

I think a lot of men get freaked out by women who are sexually aggressive for a lot of reasons, and most of those reasons are really worrying.

Men just aren't it. They think about sex all day, everyday, they're absolutely obsessed with it. And yet when the time comes... Two pumps and they're done. They either last for too long and can't orgasm, or they finish off too quickly. Their dicks don't properly work most of the time and they don't have enough strength and stamina to actually do something interesting. The ones who are actually into foreplay and sexual adventures are absolute perverts with limp dicks broken by porn. Sex "experienced" ones just know how to make themselves cum better and probably carry STDs. Men are disappointing all around.

Edit: ah also, the average dick is so fucking small that even a cheap vibrator with broken batteries takes care of it better.

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I mean, I'm sorry you haven't had good sex and I'd agree many men aren't good at sex but some men definitely know how to use their dick properly.

BTW, I've had the opposite problem, most dicks are too big for me and it hits when they hit the cervix

The issue is that having good sex with men is possible, it's just so rare it's not worth the hassle.

I had a phase like this with my girlfriend. I have an above average libido and I jerk off at least once a day, but for a time we only had sex once a week. I just wanted to spend some quality time with her besides sex and I didn't see sex as love.

Yeah, sure, him jerking it to porn surely had nothing to do with why he didn't want sex...

The phrase “I didn’t see sex as love” gives me major ick. If sex isn’t love, (which to me insinuates it’s passive/emotionless or at worst degrading) why are you doing it with your partner? Sex isn’t a conquest, and sex without love sounds boring as fuck. I mean, in my experience, sex is a pure physical embodiment of our love, but it’s not the only way to express love. I don’t know. I’ve been told I’m a demisexual before lmao. Maybe I’m just naive.

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I recently went through a breakup, and though mine was a different issue, I could have written 80% of this post. I've been in a lot of relationships, and the men always start out wonderful and attentive, then they stop making any effort. I've done all the vetting, all the making them wait three months before sex, but it always happens. I despair honestly.

Men aren't worth it. Sex with them is disappointing 99% of the time and they're a useless weight. Single childfree women are the happiest demographic for a reason.

It's pretty funny how men are often disappointed by how women are very nonsexual, but when they meet that nymph of their dreams they're so porn-addled they can't get it up for round two and end up disappointing her instead.

Or, they're horrified that she likes sex and condemn her for it.

Yeah they want horny virgins, not horny women who have "ridden the cock carousel" 🙄

The dudes she's with have GOT to be porn addicts or something. I also have a high sex drive and had an even higher one when I was younger. The dudes that I knew watched porn a lot couldn't ever keep up with me. Now I'm with a guy who doesn't watch porn and I've never ever had that problem with him.

I hope she manages to find better men.

Ugh at the comment suggesting men might go off her because she's not keeping herself attractive enough (don't worry ladies she's tall and slim and not too girly but they knew she was NLOG)

It's so weird to read the comments that posit this as quality time OR sex. Why is it a choice? It's not like the typical couple is spending hours every day having sex. You can easily spend 1 hour on decent sex and still have the whole day/night to do other stuff. It suggests that a lot of these guys have Madonna/Whore complexes and lose sexual interest in their partners because in their minds, sex is porn and strangers, not a loving partner they enjoy spending time with.

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