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Thank you for sharing this. This entire coup d'état and resulting (and maddeningly predictable) dystopia is so damn heartbreaking, just wish I knew a damn thing we could actually do about it.

I truly wish I could sponsor some young women to come to live here so they can go to school/university and live a great life in peace and freedom

Same. Or hell, just get to feel sunlight on her skin when she wants.

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A few takeaways on the assholes:

The following is a list of Taliban policies implemented since August 2021:

  • Blocked Afghan girls from getting an education

  • Fired 125,000 women from government jobs

  • Revoked women’s right to drive

  • Fired 80 per cent of female journalists

  • Controlled what women wear and where they can travel

  • Changed the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to the Ministry of Vice and Virtue

  • Currently, there are more than 5.5 million girls barred from education

Subjugating women is a method of control

Taliban leaders oppress women and girls to remain in control of Afghan society. Subjugating women is so fundamental to their governing strategy that they are willing to forgo international legitimacy and US$600 million in aid.

Taliban policies allow its fighters, all men, to feel superior to Afghan women, providing them a feeling of higher status. Subjugating women also reflects a fundamentalist vision of Afghan history that provides status to men in Afghan society, creating a constituency for their rule.

This strategy is also a form of social control, allowing the Taliban to terrorize and subjugate the entire population by violating women’s rights, livelihoods and bodies.

The Taliban’s deputy minster of education recently said publicly that Afghanistan’s new curriculum for girls will focus on teaching them how to be what the Taliban considers good wives and mothers.

Despite claiming they’ve changed their stance on women’s rights, the Taliban’s actions and latest efforts to commit thousands of women to sexual slavery demonstrate quite the opposite