[For undermining Islam], Moroccan courts can hand sentences ranging from six months to two years in prison in addition to fines between MAD 20,000 ($1,916) and MAD 200,000 ($19,163).

Bet they handed her the maximum sentence because they could.

In June 2021, a Moroccan court handed a sentence of three years and a half against a Moroccan woman who was also charged with making insults against Islam on Facebook. She had posted on the social media platform quranic verses in parodic praise of the consumption of alcohol.

The woman, who was arrested at the Casablanca airport upon her return from France, where she was studying law, also paid a fine of $6,000.

Either someone ratted her out, or Moroccan authorities are surveilling their citizens’ private social media like rats. Also, three years and a half? They’re going to convict her for not bowing to a book when they’re not playing by the book themselves?