The partying doesn't bother me, the extended posing to camera does - but what country leader isn't narcissistic... Marin's self ID is being voted on in September, btw. From 2020:

"[Marin government's Equality Programme] also [includes] plans to reform the Trans Act, a law that currently requires those seeking legal gender recognition to undergo years of mental health screening and, unless they are already infertile, enforced sterilisation.

"Everyone should have the right to determine their own identities. And the programme supports this," Sanna Marin says.

Does she consider trans women, women?

"It's not my job to identify people," she says firmly. "It's everyone's job to identify themselves. It's not my place to say."

She may be the only government leader to have openly stated such a position on gender self-identification."


‘It's everyone's job to identify themselves’

So Finland doesn’t have identity cards and passports then and let’s people decide who they want to be without any documentary evidence? And presumably you don’t need an ID card to enter the Finnish Parliament because surely people can just ID as people who need to be there?! Nobody would ever abuse self ID to enter Parliament for nefarious purposes.


srsly?? Having been raised by Lesbian mothers, she reeeeEEEEEEeeaally ought to know exactly what self-id would bring down the pipeline for Lesbians.

I was so disappointed. I lived in Finland for a couple of years, thought it was great they'd elected a female leader, then read that...

Unfortunately, whenever I see a female candidate, I always brace myself because they're almost always TRA handmaidens. It's such a disappointment.

I think it is part being of the social media generation being in the spot light and being an attention seeker. This doesn't mean she's not entitled to have a good time or she's bad at her work. She is just having fun and taking a break from running a country.

I like seeing women enjoying life and the sparkle in their eyes. Whether it comes from when they talk about a hobby they are passionate about or being out there drinking with friends and enjoying the night. She's embracing life with her friends. What's to hate?

No hate - as I said, I've no issue with the partying. A candid video of enjoying the moment rather than posing for a camera would have been a joyful thing. Social media's increasing narcissism, which is a problem in part because it means that our politicians (already a group with higher than average no. of narcissists) are even more prone to following current trends for clout, like self ID. That aspect of her work is certainly not good for women. :/

Wtf is these peoples problem. They attack her and falsely accuse her of taking drugs and when she makes a statement about it criticize her for "talking about partying instead of more important things". Leave her alone already, there is nothing wrong with her singing and dancing at a party

She's offered to take a drug test and admitted to being "boisterous". Ffs. I can't believe this. A leader of a country caught socialising on camera having to justify it and offer to take a drug test. Oh, yes, she's a woman. Her movements must be policed and she's going to offer up a bodily fluid so they can see if she's been in compliance.

She seems to be an amazing Prime Minister and I'm unsure what people expect her to be doing in her free time? Sauna only?

Finland is on its way to NATO membership and whatever your feelings on that, this is quite an achievement under her leadership. Her political party remains popular from what I have read. Most importantly no male politician's behaviour in the same age category, particularly during the month of August in Europe when almost all government types take their holidays, would be analysed like this.

NATO would have happened with or without her in power, because of Russia and its behavior.

She's a TRA handmaiden who is supporting self-ID laws, so I don't like her because of that.

Also this:

On 25 May 2021, Finnish media reported that Marin and her family were spending about €300 per month on groceries with public funds as a part of the Prime Minister's tax-free housing benefits in the official residence.

The image I have of her is now a narcissistic thief of public funds that is destroying women's protected spaces. The videos are much more unflattering knowing what I know now. It's sort of like a "Screw you, I got mine, and I'm gonna enjoy my wealth and party and pose while taking away from other people/women."

Don't the PM and President both have discretionary funds but there was an issue that arose in its exact use in this case with the groceries because it happened during the pandemic when the manner in which the expenses and travelling were calculated differently?

Even if she is a TRA, I still don't think she deserves this criticism for her actions depicted in the video. Very few women, particularly at this age reach this level of achievement. Also, Finland is one of the countries that has rowed back on its medical transitioning of children as of late.

Very few women, particularly at this age reach this level of achievement.

I don't really see what this has to do with anything, though. Why should I support a person who damages protections for women and girls, just because she is a younger woman? It can be a negative thing, when the woman who is publicized as the outstanding and unique achiever does a bad job. Example: Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, where the first highly-publicized female "self-made billionaire CEO" turned out to be an abusive fraud. Now there is an even lower likelihood of a woman being taken seriously as a self-made CEO. This was a fear that was expressed by Professor of Medicine Phyllis Gardner, who told Elizabeth that her idea was total nonsense, and knew she was going to be exposed eventually.

I'm glad to hear that Finland is pulling back medical transition, but if self-ID passes there, it will likely never be repealed. All the women and girls that are harassed and intimidated and put on a urinary leash into the future will never see consequences for their suffering.

I would rather have another candidate in her position that isn't pushing self-ID.