German and agreed. We have enough aggressive lying unemployed loser males, we do NOT need to import even more males and especially not from countries where the males are even worse than ours.

After we let in millions of them in 2015, Germany was not the same anymore. I remember suddenly being harassed in the most inocuous places that used to be safe. Now only safe with male companionship, because not only are these types perverted misogynists, they're also pathetic cowards. Cologne on NYE should have been enough to prove what we are letting into out country.

And yes the comparisons with Ukraine are so disingenuous. Why yes, i actually DO prefer genuine refugees who are mostly women and children whose men stayed behind to bravely fight the Russians over a bunch of aggressive highly sexist males with zero assets for our country who cowardly left their women behind and who have a burning hatred for our way of life. And it has ZERO to do with their skin color 🙄

Amen Schwester. It's the religion and culture, not the skin color. Otherwise there wouldn't be any white muslims, born and raised in germany who sound exactly like their immigrant counterparts. And I'm tired to explain that it is not "either or". Religion and culture go hand in hand - thats why we still have protestant towns and cities which dont celebrate Carnival and catholic ones where LGB still get the side eye. Until now, no islam-fan was able to tell me which religions were prominent in the middle east pre-islam and how islam is related to to judaism.

And yeah, I'm not afraid to say I am anti-islam. If it was buddhism which came with its own legislation into this land, I'd be against that. If it was idk rainbow-unicorn-ism which granted women fewer rights than males, i'd be against that. I am also very against the power the church still holds in this country despite germany being a secular nation.