Western countries spent a two decades in Afghanistan, lost thousands of men and women, and spent billions training the Afghans to resist the Taliban and other terrorist organizations. All for nothing. Afghanistan fell within days. We basically trained and armed the Taliban. The vast majority of men had zero interest in fighting, they threw down their weapons and readily installed their current regime. Contrast that to the fight Ukrainians put up against Russia.

The refugees that have been pouring into Europe for the past decade have been mostly fighting-age men. They left their women and children to die or to be enslaved. Many have no compunction about lying about their identities, posing as children even. They struggle to integrate, many commit crimes against women of their host country. Most struggle to find work and good housing, so all they end up doing is finding trouble and fostering resentment. Yes, we can accept female refugees...but most will not come without their men. And with the men come an entire slew of dangers and tensions that our officials REFUSE to talk about, REFUSE to acknowledge.

I think until citizens of the sponsoring countries can honestly and openly talk about the impact of refugees and difficulties of integrating their religion and cultural practices, all should stay in their home countries and fight their own battles.

Yep. We definitely do not want these scrotes coming into our countries. The women, however, have never done anything wrong and all deserve to be freed. There should be a female-only immigration policy.