Were Western boots on the ground, which ensured women’s educational and professional development, an entirely misguided colonial or imperial undertaking?

How is that even a question? Of course it was an imperialistic enterprise all along. The only thing is was not is misguided. The US and its allies knew exactly what they were doing when they launched the War on Terror, which is still going on, by the way. The US supported the jihadists in the 80s in order to bleed the Soviet Union. When this move backfired years later, George W. Bush used the terrorist attack on 9/11 as a pretext to invade Afghanistan and destroy the country for 20 years, commiting many war crimes. Because the US is above international law and has not worries about being sanctioned for their many wars (and then they have the nerve to lecture the world about the "rules based-order"). And once American troops were witdrawed last year, Joe Biden decided to wave an economic warfare on the country, worsening the humanitarian crisis.

Improving women's rights on Afghanistan was NEVER a aim of the invasion, not in practice nor in rethoric. It was only years later that Americans started rationalizing the war through women's rights.

Taliban's misogyny is a tragedy, but I don't think that is a excuse to whitewash American imperialism. Seriously, the American establishment doesn't give a dam about American women; I don't know why so many American feminists try so hard on convincing themselves that it gives a dam about foreign women.