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Many women, especially from more collectivist cultures, see themselves first and foremost as daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers—not individuals in their own right the way so many Westerners do (perhaps to our detriment).

This glosses over the global problem. A daughter is a woman. Every woman is a daughter. A sister is a woman, a wife is a woman, a mother is a woman. It’s not a choice between individual and collective, it’s a choice between collectives: men or women. Identifying more with our chattel status among men of our own kind is THE problem. It is essentially the only problem women have. Men the world over make their choice: men. When men get together and gang rape or traffic women in sex slavery, they are choosing men. It doesn’t matter if they’re Muslim men, or western men, or Chinese men, or Russian men or an Olympic team of men from every country. Even if a man is an individualist, he chooses a man, himself. There is no difference between women in this regard. We keep choosing men and we suffer for it. If women are going to meet with each other as representatives of the men who own us, then we must meet on those terms and not make a pretense of meeting as women who mean to act as a group against a common enemy. Otherwise it’s just one woman taking advantage of another woman’s lack of self preservation instincts/pity/empathy/guilt in order to do for her men what her men would never do for her.