Bet you wish you didn't slaughter millions of baby girls now don't you? Or do they plan to continue that? Do they still just want sons?

They don’t have enough women for all of those men the one-child policy produced as it is.

An estimated 20 million baby girls went ‘missing’ from the population between 1980 and 2010 due to a preference for boys, demographer says

The census, conducted in 2020, showed that the sex ratio of the total population was 105.1 males to 100 females – about the same as a decade ago.

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The lack of women is an issue in China. Highly recommend googling it and reading all the ways it impacts society there, particularly marriage. It makes for very interesting reading.

Oh I know a bit about it, and it's the same problems all the other countries who kill baby girls have. Yet they still never become any less misogynistic, and they still keep killing the baby girls. It never changes

I think it is actually a genuine problem now for men since women can work and don't financially need men. Countries with declining birth rates are heavily incenitivising women to have children. In Korea they made it illegal for doctors to tell you the sex of the foetus at ultrasound as part of a government plan to address the sex imbalance and it has worked but there are other issues. Here's a great article on it https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-38362474

I remember one guy there suggested women to have multiple husbands that man got harassed for it, but he is still a gross person for other reasons.


As an older mom myself, I met a number of moms who had adopted, some with girls from China.

To a woman they fell all over themselves to send their daughters to language school and ensure the girls got to know all about "their" culture. Fuck, yeah, scare quotes. Besides the obvious, that culture is not transmitted through genes, you really want your sweet little girl to embrace a culture that, but for you and your culture, would have had her aborted in the womb because of what she is, smothered or drowned at birth, or dumped to die by the side of the road?

Don't mean to go off on other women here, as gynocide is driven purely by moronic males, but damn, this subject just reminds me how insufferable woke moms can be.

Are you really claiming the oldest civilization that still exists contains nothing more than the killing of female fetuses?

It's so stupid, though naturally I feel great compassion for the victims - both the girls murdered at birth and the mothers.

I suspect it's the same in India too. Most if not all people know better but the men (and the subjugated men-pleasing women) want a dowry and prestige so fucking much they'll murder an unwanted baby girl... and then whine about the potential end of their bloodline when their sons can't find anyone. Not getting into the execrable way women are treated, the murderous pecking order when it comes to domestic violence (where the bride can be terribly brutalised and end up murdered by her in-laws) and abduction / human trafficking etc as a response to so few women being available.

Personal anecdote re mention of female infanticide / bullying in my family - spoilered for those who would prefer to avoid:

Many years ago when my mum and I clashed a lot, my mum told me that her parents had considered killing my mum after she was born but decided against it - she was the firstborn of their children. Given the enmity between us and our dynamic at the time it felt manipulative, like she was trying to make me feel indebted to her.

The reason I say that is because my mum said some spectacularly vicious - sometimes inappropriate - things to me and my brother when we were growing up; she'd had a hard life and I think she resented us for being young, relatively pampered (i.e not starving and poor), idealistic, trusting and soft. For having life on 'easy.' My mum and I get on so much better now... though to be cynical, the fact that my brother (who likes to lie a lot and just isn't a particularly good person) has cut us off probably has something to do with it too lol.

My grandparents went on to have more daughters and a few sons and although my grandparents died fairly young, from what I've seen they did dote and love their grandchildren - IIRC only girls existed at the time they died; my few boy cousins were born afterwards.

I've many girl / women cousins in the modern day that people (in the West anyway) probably wouldn't suspect that my mum's parents ever contemplated female infanticide... much less confessed to their firstborn child, a daughter, that they had planned to kill her after birth but changed their mind. Not really a fun family gathering or party story.

I grappled with resentment and anger at my grandparents for how harsh they were raising my mum (and how in turn she acted towards me), but I overcame it by recognising that they too were traumatised in their own way. My grandmother had been sold by her parents as a very young girl to perform domestic service; I was told that one of her few childhood memories was remembering that she had looked after a baby brother before she was sold.

When my grandparents fled persecution from the CCP, they started out penniless and sometimes found themselves exploited because they trusted that people were as straightforward as they were - most times they didn't have a choice to refuse as it was either work (with the possibility of being exploited in not being paid etc) or go hungry. But I was told that they never stopped working hard and were generous whenever possible. One valuable lesson they learned which my mother passed onto me was to never become finally dependent on someone, and never get into debt

IMO fleeing the mainland out of necessity for survival, harsh living forcing my grandparents to have more children for practical purposes (to help out) plus a change in culture played a role in changing my grandparents attitude to having girls. That said in response to me discussing my will and hoping to give most of it to my mum's family who live in Asia, my mum did tell me that following the death of her parents, my male relations inherited the most... so it would seem there was still a favouritism towards males even at the end. My parents reassured me that it would be good to leave most of my estate to the girls and women - though it may not be possible due to the logistics of transferring money to a foreign bank account, much less ensuring family play fair with the distribution of funds etc.

I've read a few books by the Chinese author Xinran which detail the lives and experiences of Chinese people, particularly women.

Once I finished reading The Good Women of China, there were accounts of such casual normalised cruelty (including but not limited to female infanticide or sexual abuse) by men against girls and women that I was so angry and despised men for a while. Xinran saw a bucket used in rural life and explained its purpose for a post-birth ritual - I believe it was called 'nourishing the roots' for bathing a male baby and 'killing trouble' for drowning a baby girl. Malignant dehumanising psychopathy. Xinran spoke to mothers who'd with immense grief seen their daughters murdered or else given away by their husband and in-laws.

If only there was some of permanent affliction which would sterilise men who enforce and carry out female infanticide. Don't want a girl to the degree of murdering any born to you? Okay, have your bloodline and legacy end with you. Enjoy final death (as it were) and complete irrelevance in that no-one will know you ever existed a few decades from now.

In China, the number of women suicides also outweighs that of men. :(

These fuckers FORCED abortions on heaven knows how many women! And now they're trying to course correct now that their demographics are fucked and they have an overabundance of worthless, incel scrotes.

And they're also SHOCKED that the Chinese women who grew up in a culture that devalued girls, murdered infant females, and sold abandoned Chinese girls to foreigners aren't chomping at the bit to have babies in China.

You made this bed, China. Die mad in it. You might deserve redemption if you dissolve the CCP and give reparations to the women & families you destroyed with your shitty, misogynistic policies

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Maybe women aren't having children because they themselves aren't valued. They are enjoying life and see no purpose in replenishing a population that disrespects them, yet expects them to procreate on demand when finances are involved. No thank you.

Edit: a great twist would be if Americans had to start immigrating to China for a better life.

Isn't 1.4 billion of people enough?

Biggest polluter of the planet but won't somebody think of males who don't get their dick wet :(((

You kidding but that's exactly how these lonely young men think. They are not sad because they won't find a soulmate, but because they'll be sexless for the rest of their lives. Oh, and must do their dishes by themselves. Boohoo.

Ya! Calling them "lonely" is so disingenuous because men are homo romantic, they use other men for genuine eye level companionship. Women are just cum receptacles and servants/slaves to them.

Capitalism can't exist without growing population...

But China is communist,

China embraced capitalism since Mao's death. The government still put its foot inside any business, but their economy is capitalistic.

Coming next for China is birth quotas . . .

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Instead of the one child policy it’ll be the five child policy.

Didn't they already raise it to three kids? I heard the Chinese netizens were mocking that announcement. Don't blame them.

The headline doesn't really reflect the content of the article. It only talks about the Chinese government providing incentives and reducing costs in child care and so forth and doesn't show any evidence China is discouraging abortion.

Yeah, it's a misleading headline. The article does mention abortion, but it's specifically in the context of terminating unintended pregnancies - it mentions both that the Chinese, on average, are more likely to terminate unexpected pregnancies and the lingering issues of sex-based abortion. The policy memo linked at the end of the article suggests that they're planning on improving sex education and access to contraception so there will be fewer unintended pregnancies in the first place.

China has had a lot of issues with strong-arming population control in the past and they've also put forward some really dumb and regressive policies recently, but the ones named in this article actually make a lot of sense. Many families choose not to have more than one kid because it's simply too goddamn expensive. Childcare is expensive, medical expenses are expensive, education is expensive, and it's the cultural norm in China that a parent should provide for their kids' higher education and even buy or contribute to buying a house for them when they get married and move out. Improving public education and improving access to childcare services would actually go a long way in encouraging people to have more kids.

Putin is handing out $16K for any Russian mother that has 10 kids. Got to get that birth rate up since so many are dying as cannon fodder in his shitty Ukrainian war.

The Russian leader will revive the "Mother Heroine" award that was first established under Soviet leader Josef Stalin in 1944, which was given to more than 400,000 women before being scrapped after the fall of the USSR in 1991.

Under the decree issued on Monday, a one-off payment of one million rubles ($16,400) will be "awarded to a mother who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, who has given birth to and brought up ten or more children who are citizens of the Russian Federation."

Yeah. I'm sure Russian women are super eager to birth litters of children only to watch the boys become cannon fodder and the girls become trafficking targets. 🙄