A Finn here. Yes, she has faced too much criticism for this - most likely because she's very much not like the PM's of the olden days. There's proper critique towards her as well though, e.g. the fact that she has been weirdly evasive about certain very current issues in Finland (due to the Ukraine/Russia situation and some internal politics as well). The media abroad has largely dismissed these things and simply painted the whole thing as "misogyny". Again, I've seen plenty of woman-haters go hard at her for this - but it is not all of it.

Also, let's not forget for a fucking hot second that her & her party is the one who introduced Finland to the darling concept of Self-ID and they will try very hard to push it through as well. Marin herself has said that "the issues of trans people are the biggest human rights question in Finland." There you have it. She's all for the TWAW.

Sorry not sorry but this libfemmery BS is partly something that got her into hot water, and because of aggressive pushing of Self-ID and everything that comes with it, I'm not very keen on her in a political sense at all.

Yes, I would agree it is nuanced. It is very hard to discern genuine instances of misogyny, racism, homophobia because these things are so rampant. I was particularly appalled she took a drug test.

It is unfortunate she's such a proponent of self-ID. I wonder if her view might be softened with the new clinical standards regarding trans children?

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This also speaks to the duality of how men view women and the way we age.

According to men, women's value decreases the further we get away from what they consider to be our peak attractive years in our teens. Marin is about to turn 37, putting her firmly into "hag" territory as they will loudly and smugly tell anyone who will listen.

So, it's odd that at two full decades past her sell-by date (according to males) she's suddenly back to being a far too young, irresponsible idiot when it comes to holding power. "This is the problem with giving young people (read: women) too much power, they're not ready or responsible enough."

Men really want women to accept that post-25 we're simultaneously too old to be of any use to them and also always too ignorant and immature to ever do anything else. Fuck that.

This seems like such a contrived, fake, stupid "controversy".

It is just politics and women being held to another standard then men, as usual. How many clips of male politicians going worse get leaked and they carry on but a female politician just enjoying herself and doing nothing illegal ends up taking a drug test to quell speculation?

Women's lives are always open to scrutiny in a way men's are not.

people just hate successful women as they know women are superior to men so successful woman > successful man, so they have to make up the tiniest thing possible to knock her(/women) down a peg.

Exactly. I think she's particularly disliked since she was raised by lesbians. A successful woman raised by women! She's, I think one if the youngest PMs, if not the youngest PM ever.

Tried to comment on the DM where the men are all afluster about this : 'Talk to me about 'professional' behavior in office when a female leader mothers several children by different men, or pimps out the secretaries of the white house (JFK), or pees openly in the sink in a government building, (LBJ) or gets a rimjob from a subordinate in a white house corridor (WJClinton). Come back to me then, and we'll talk'

I'm older than Finland's PM and I still have a little party in me. If Johnson can party during COVID lockdown, why can't she?