Rapists should be culled.

I do believe that physical castration (if one shies away from the death penalty) would help a lot.

Research needs to be done on this, but there likely is a genetic component, so if rapists were found out early and prevented from procreating, future generations would have fewer rapists in them.

(Has no one ever tried culling rapey cocks when breeding chickens? It seems the most intuitive thing to do, and one could at least find out whether it works in chickens. Large-scale farms obviously won't have the time, but people who just keep a small flock often say they watch the chickens for amusement.)

When you mentioned culling I jumped to comment, and then also read the bottom bit before I made a fool of myself!

Agreed! I wouldn't keep a bad rooster that abuses and rapes my hens, why should it be any different with men?

I've invited a few roosters to dinner over the years, they make wonderful soup. An aggressive male is nothing but a liability.