Rapists should be culled.

I do believe that physical castration (if one shies away from the death penalty) would help a lot.

Research needs to be done on this, but there likely is a genetic component, so if rapists were found out early and prevented from procreating, future generations would have fewer rapists in them.

(Has no one ever tried culling rapey cocks when breeding chickens? It seems the most intuitive thing to do, and one could at least find out whether it works in chickens. Large-scale farms obviously won't have the time, but people who just keep a small flock often say they watch the chickens for amusement.)

It's harder to castrate roosters because their testes are internal. But it would be interesting to do this with some species of mammal.

Many people are quick to say that castrating humans doesn't work because a few studies said so and they can use other things to rape. But they fail to consider that: 1) most men value their dicks more than their own lives and would rape less if there was a risk of losing it. They would also become very psychologically devastated after the surgery and wouldn't want to do much 2) Most of them only care about using their dicks anyway.