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Then, in 2017, after Myers had spent 16 years on the front line of the SOTP, the results of a national evaluation came in. The SOTP didn’t work. It was abruptly abandoned. She had spent so long attempting to change people who had done horrible things, and when they were released they went out and did them again at just the same rate as the men who hadn’t attempted any change.

It's a better investment for society that people like Myers spend their time and energy on women and that we lock away rapists for good. I guess her investment in this project showed us as much at least.

“It’s an interesting notion isn’t it?” Myers says, pondering. “The damage is done to women yet it is mostly women trying to fix it.”

Women try to gain control by "fixing" men. However, it's only men themselves that can sort themselves out. Women need to focus on building up women.

“The damage is done to women yet ...

Despite it all, she still refuses to Name the Problem.