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I've caught "liberal" sex work is work men doing the same thing. When they think women aren't around.

Which is funny. Because I thought sex work is work? So why is she seen as spoiled goods and the husband seen as a cuck or pathetic? Surely if sex work is the same as real work this would be like a woman retiring from being a waitress and having a kid with a good man?

But liberal men know sex work isn't real work. They know it's demeaning and lessens the societal value of women who partake in it. They know it traps and destroys women emotionally, mentally and physically. They don't even care that it's dangerous. They pretend to see it as harmless job, fun, exciting, fulfilling, because just like republicans, they want those "whores" eternally miserable and available. They want them desperate for the lowest, most pathetic types of men.

The sex pozzer line about "destigmatizing" kink/porn/prostitution only exists to give men carte blanche to do any disgusting, degrading thing they want to do. They like the stigma...when it applies to women. They don't want to be seen as degenerates for strangling women in the bedroom, but they do want to keep the sadistic pleasure of ruining a woman's future, reputation, and life because she had sex.

This is the truth of it. Legalisation and all the pr work in Germany has barely made a single dent in the stigma against prostituted women, but given men license to do, joke about and brag about whatever sick twisted shit they feel like doing to women. Women in prostitution are continually the butt of the joke. Seen as ruined, or rotten from the start. Even trafficking victims are made fun of.

The men? Invisible.

I used to say that "if men didn't want it, women wouldn't do it". The reality is that women don't want it, but men do it anyway. They just need their little fix of cruelty.

Just sick

She was supposed to hit the wall and be ‘punished’. Not get married at 30 to a handsome man and have a baby.

I’m extremely disturbed by the increasing frequency of phrases like “hit the wall” to describe a woman aging “out of her prime” — which of course, is total bullshit. What it really seems to describe is a woman reaching adult maturity and no longer looking like a little girl.

When Depp said Heard was going to “hit the wall, hard.” I didn’t even know what he meant at first. So recently it seems this was fringe MRA language, but it’s really seeping into the mainstream.

Apparently in Japan men call women after 25 "Christmas cake" because no one wants a Christmas cake after the 25th. And then they wonder why the birth rate is plummeting.

It never occurs to men to improve their character, financial situation, or body. Nope, if they can't get a girlfriend, they just need to hate women extra hard.

That’s because these dipshits dont understand that you age a Christmas pud!

Going off topic but their Christmas cake is more like a sponge cake and doesn’t last. I had this convo with a friend in Japan and when I explained about the way our cakes are made and considered best when mature, she thought men could learn a thing or two from that.

The whole thing about women no longer being attractive after 30 is BS in my opinion. Men have low standards. The truth is they can’t handle older women who know themselves, won’t fall for tricks or put up with bad treatment. The unfortunate side effect of this attitude is it continues insecurity in women and pits older against younger. The more devious men know this, and use it to make women feel they are lucky to be with them.

They see it as the moment women lose their source of power over men (their youthful, fertile attractiveness) and they gleefully wait for it because they feel emasculated by their own feelings towards women they are attracted to.

Most men are quite attracted to older women and don’t admit it. So they’re lying anyways. The whole shitshow is pathetic. Maleness is embarrassing.

Yes, but in their view, they can't possess an older woman the same way they can a younger woman. It's about the perceived ownership!

What it is, is that the older women get, the wiser to manipulative male bullshit we get. They want child brains in young women's bodies but the fact is we mature mentally even before them. I think on some level they are aware of this, that 25/26 is about when their ability to manipulate women doesn't disappear, but there's a steep drop in the effectiveness.

“The wall” is just a massive cope from men who know women are worth more but like to believe that is only for 10 short years for some reason and not for a whole life time

The wall is a myth. I've seen women 30+ who look gorgeous, while looking younger and their age. People need to stop fetishizing youth.

I am convinced people of both sexes look their best between age 30-35.

I felt sad being “older” once I wasn’t in my 20s anymore, but looked back and I just looked awkward at that age. I have seen women in their 60s and 70s look extremely elegant.

lol you don't even have to look gorgeous, or even average. Friends of mine once made a fake facebook profile of a middle-aged woman that honestly looked bad. And they got soooo many men sliding in their DMs, it was actually crazy.

Yeah this never used to be a thing offline, or even online outside of specific MRA forums. I’m talking like 5 years ago I remember this being unknown to the general population.

I thought hit the wall meant dying. Because of princess diana for some reason? Boy am I out of the loop

[–] Sailor_Paradise 70 points Edited

There's a subreddit or another fourum called reformed w word (ovarit rules) where men dox and expose girls and women for being being as you obviously know w****s in the past and show photos of them now with their husbands and children and now there putting up "fake innocent facade" It's disgusting and humiliating. Alot of those women obviously regretted those things and changed and want to move on but no let's stalk her and ruin her life just for lolz. I was a victim in a somewhat similar situation and now heading to college I still have fear over it (no I didn't have x3s if that's what you're thinking I'm a shut in but I was harassed online in a disgusting way). Where are sites exposing pedo and rapists living normal lives. None. I hope all those get flesh eating peyronnies

[–] yesisaiditxx 42 points Edited

I could start my own personal collection of pictures of Christian men I (used to) know smiling with their “pure” wives and multiple kids alongside pictures of our old friend group drunk at parties as teens and early 20s where they’re doing stuff like making out with a random on the couch, asleep shirtless in the floor with a girl, etc. The amount of men I know personally who were actively pursuing sex right and left WHILE playing good boy with the “marriage stock” types, who then married one and either hid it completely or attributed it to the evils of female seduction and temptation is more than a handful.

This happens a lot with Muslim men going for white girls in the UK but only ever marry a virgin Muslim girl - such cognitive dissonance lol

[–] yesisaiditxx 3 points Edited

I used to live in an area with a large Arab (Muslim & Christian, but mostly Muslim) population and yep saw that too. I even dated (a Muslim) one for months because I fell for it that he actually liked me, until the day we had plans to do something in “his neck of the woods” and he didn’t show up, contact me, or answer my call. When I confronted him about it the next time we met up he just straight up said to me, “habibti, I found out that some of my family was going to that too, and they would have seen us.”

….oh. I should’ve known :)

I'll be honest this is why I'm scared to meet men through church. Like now that I'm a few years out of college I don't know how to figure out people's fratty histories. it just feels unsafe sadly

I’m sorry :( I hope you still try to find a decent one and you can have your standards and make that effort, the thing is just not to be naive and think that belonging to any one church or community means the men are automatically safer than others, because none of that is ever a guarantee. Your chances could be higher there than many other places, obviously, but still.

God, this is sick, these disgusting men consume dehumanising and degrading porn, whilst knowing nothing about the women “performing” in it, and then humiliate, name and shame said women who have managed to heal, move on and find happiness...THEY should be named and shamed as the perverted wankstains they are 😡 I hope these fuckers die lonely and unloved.

I accidentally downvoted you're comment but quickly upvoted sorry about that. You're right any that humiliates an innocent women deserve to suffer

This is hilarious. A pornstar who they see as beneath them is happy while they are bitter and cannot get a date because of their terrible personalities.

I fucking hate scrotes. Not only do they feel as though these women don't deserve a happy life (despite them being the ones creating the demand, therefore causing the problem), I feel like they're mad they no longer "have access" to her body.

Who is lining up to marry aaaaaaany of those scrotes? Who? Hm?

Oh right nobody wants them.

[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 37 points

It’s envy

It's not envy. They really do think she's a used dish rag they wouldn't want to own themselves. Modern men have been trained to accept their wives and girlfriends not being virgins, but women who had a lot of sexual partners are still garbage to them.

Probably bitterness too, undoubtedly these losers can’t get girlfriends or even sex, so feel enraged that a lowly “w**re” can find happiness and stability. Sucks to be them so they want to ruin things for others 🤷🏻‍♀️ Pathetic, disgusting freaks.

And they create BS incel stories like “she doesn’t really love him, he’s just a betabuxx! She can’t PaiRBoNd!” It’s cope because they can’t stand their seething jealousy.

Indeed. They are envious that someone who they consider lessen is having a happy life. If she's an object for someone else pleasure, she doesn't deserve that.

I saw this before and it's so disgusting. Is she not allowed to find happiness? They only treat women this way; I haven't seen any of them make any remarks about "Roosh V", notorious misogynist and rapist, who slept with apparently hundreds of women and raped some of them. Who now calls himself a devout Catholic or something else. He can be "reformed", but women just trying to live their lives? Nope.

That's the thing. Men who 'get their act together' and change their wild ways are given respect and pats on the back for 'doing better' while women who try to turn over a new leaf are treated with scorn and suspicion..

Ahh yes, Roosh V the born again Christian lmao you know he wrote another “book” about travelling America as a repenting man? He is hilarious.

Oh wow. I hadn't heard much about him for a while after I heard he was "reformed". Not surprising that it's just another grift for him.

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