Wow this is so depressing. We really are losing everything, little by little, and calling it progress.

It will be too late once women start speaking up. Ironically, the same week Lisa LaFlamme was fired for being a white woman who made the fatal error of aging.

Yeah, I think it's going to take decades to undo everything we're losing.

Same and the losses keep coming. the online hate bill will be very dangerous.

We never achieved any sort of parity in film and tv, but sure, let's get rid of categories for women because Canada likes to pretend sex doesn't exist and we're all just people.

So now all the awards will just go to men. Why don’t they just say that?

Acting was the one area where women were somewhat equal (although not really) because there was a women's category.

There are so many more roles for men, so many more opportunities for them to win.

They'll make it somewhat equal the first couple years to quell fears and then it'll just all go to men

They might squish Ellen Page and a few token non-brainery's in (and a "two-spirit" just to pretend to give a damn about the Indigenous), but yeah, after that it'll be all "...and the award goes to, Seth Rogen as Anne of Green Gables!"

Oh, Tranada. Trudeau's next cabinet could be 100% men -- half in dresses, half in pants -- and it would still be praised as "gender balanced".

Time for South Park to do another send-up. The Canuck Oscars featuring some big, burly hockey player winning an award for "their" portrayal of, I dunno, Anne Murray.

No more awards for vulva havers, oddly it will all be penis havers being recognized. How could this be???

Well…shit….going to complain to my MP. Not that it will do anything but who else am I going to complain to?

Did they not pay attention to Adele? "But I really love being a woman and being a female artist, I do, I'm really proud of us."